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Drain Inspections Services In Chesapeake, VA

Storm Drain/Stormwater

Storm drains are interconnected underground conveyance systems designed to control and direct stormwater runoff when it rains. These networks of pipes, culverts and basins working in unison lead to the streams, lakes, rivers, the Chesapeake Bay and eventually the ocean. Having years of experience, Longhill is the go-to stormwater expert for government, municipal, industrial and private organizations. Maintenance and cleaning of the storm drain systems are an integral aspect to the longevity of the system. What goes on below the ground has just as much of an impact on the site as the building, parking areas and roof. Longhill can help you to keep these underground fundamental components functioning as designed.

Drain Cleaning

Ensuring that your underground storm drains and drainage system is clear of debris and obstructions is key for your system to function correctly. Overtime, buildup of sediment, leaves, sticks and debris accumulate and can reduce and/ or prevent flow through your storm drains. This prevents the stormwater drainage system from functioning and can cause flooding, property damage and even the failure of entire drainage system.

Longhill performs storm drain cleaning, maintenance and pipe inspections of all types of stormwater drainage systems to ensure they are clear, free of debris and are working properly. All materials removed from the pipes and drainage system are contained inside of Longhill’s specialized machinery and disposed of in proper fashions.

CIPP Rehabilitation

Longhill uses a repair process called CIPP for pipes needing extensive rehabilitation versus line replacement. The CIPP installation process results in a jointless, seamless and structural pipe lining within an existing pipe. Cured in place pipe liners are a great solution for pipes with damage such as cracks, holes or root invasion. The impregnated liner is inverted by means of air pressure and cured by controlled steam. A new pipe is formed as the cured-in-place pipe liner cures and hardens within the host pipe, providing a complete, structural solution.

In addition to full rehabilitation of pipelines with CIPP liners, Longhill also can repair a damaged line with a CIPP point repair. When the pipeline is in good condition but there is a puncture, crack, misaligned joint, or other failure, it may not be necessary to line the entire pipe. In this case, the failure is identified through video inspection of the pipe.

CCTV inspections

Longhill offers CCTV pipe inspections and cleaning services of storm drainage pipes and underground infrastructure. Inspecting underground infrastructure provides access to an internal, up close look at the pipe's condition and allows our NASSCO certified technicians to locate any defects within the pipe. These services utilize robotic machinery traveling through pipes to inspect for clogs, damaged areas and defects.

CCTV inspections can be utilized on a wide variety of pipe sizes, lengths and materials. Inspecting your pipes helps ensure that your stormwater system is functioning and is also a key component to increase the longevity of your system. Upon completion, Longhill will provide the customer with color videos with reports to help customers understand the condition of their pipes, perform needed maintenance, spot potential problems and help avoid costly repairs.


Longhill provides inspections, maintenance and repair services to all types of BMPs (Best Management Practices) or MTDs (Manufactured Treatment Devices) which are Virginia Stormwater Management Program approved engineered systems designed to treat stormwater runoff. BMPs & MTDs define the product-based technology for stormwater treatment that drives our industry. Longhill is a certified maintenance provider for all Contech Engineered Solutions. From standard routine maintenance to installation of new systems, Longhill has a vast knowledge base of the top manufacturers of engineered systems such as: Contech Engineered Solutions, Aquashield, ADS, R-Tanks, Storm Filters, CDS, Vortech, Stormceptor Stormchambers and more.


One of Longhill’s areas of specialty are sinkhole repairs. A sinkhole is a depression, hole or void in the ground which are found across the United States. Oftentimes these sinkholes are caused by infiltration or displacement of water into the storm drain pipes or structures. These infiltrations are normally due to defects or failing infrastructure below the surface and can be diagnosed through CCTV pipe inspections. Once infiltrations have begun, smaller soils are displaced into the system which causes a subsurface void. Over time as the void grows, it will eventually make its way up to the surface and show itself through some form of collapse or cave in at the surface. With state of the art technology, Longhill can make the necessary repairs by diagnosing the cause and determining the best project specific repair option. Longhill has many types of rehab/ repair options such as the traditional dig and replace, geotechnical grout injections or our trenchless technologies. Sinkholes are dramatic because the land usually stays intact for a period of time until the underground spaces just get too big. If there is not enough support for the land above the spaces, then a sudden collapse of the land surface can occur which can be harmful to properties as well as life.

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