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Stormwater & Drainage

Excavating Services for Property Owners, Communities & Local Governments

Our highly skilled excavating team can work with you to provide solutions for a wide variety of site needs.

Some of the many excavating challenges our team and specialty equpiment can address include: Erosion Repairs & Mitigation, BMP Services, Drainage Improvements, Sheet Dam Repairs, Smart Vegetation Management

Colonial Heritage Slope Repair

Treatment of a highly eroded slope included re-routing the drainage, placing large rip rap to prevent future erosion, and importing and compacting fill material.

French Drain System Installation

This area had an issue with groundwater leaching out and running across the sidewalk and freezing in the winter. To reduce liability, a drain system was installed to direct the water to a nearby storm sewer system.

Oyster Point BMP Retrofit

We partnered with a local contracting company to provide the City of Newport News with a BMP retrofit – converting an existing pond into an underground storm facility with a porous asphalt parking area.

Sheet Dam Repair

A local homeowners association had a failing sheet pile dam. We repaired the eroded area, straightened out the wall, and provided additional sheet piling to prevent future erosion.

Pond Forebay Rehabilitation

We restored this pond back to its earlier condition by installing rip-rap forebay to correct the elevation and repair an eroded slope.

Stonehouse Ravine Erosion Repair

A local homeowners association had a highly eroded area near houses. A drainage system was installed to direct waterflow to prevent future erosion and to protect the nearby homes.

Vegetation Management

Slopes were restored back to a manageable condition by by utilizing a non-disturbing method of vegetation management.


Throughout the United States, stormwater systems have been designed to detain and treat stormwater. This common engineering practice is done before leaving the site on all large sites throughout the United States. Privately owned site maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain their stormwater infrastructure by implementing BMP maintenance and inspections.

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BMPs or MTDs (Manufactured Treatment Devices) define the product-based technology for stormwater treatment that drives our industry.) LonghillEx. provides maintenance services for the top manufacturers of stormwater management products, including Contech Engineered Solutions, Aquashield and more.

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Types of Drainage Systems include:

  • Contech Stormfilters
  • Stormceptors
  • BaySeparators
  • Flow Splitters
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Having years of experience LonghillEx. is the go-to stormwater expert for government organizations. Municipal storm drain cleaning and maintenance of the storm drain filters are an integral part of this support. What goes on below the ground has as much of an impact on the site as the building, parking areas and roof. The drainage system is an interconnected network of pipes, culverts, basins, streams and lakes which must all work in unison.

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