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Polyurethane Service Near Ashland, VA

Polyurethane Grout Injections

Our team utilizes a variety of polyurethane treatments to provide fast, lasting repairs to leaking drainage structures, sinkholes, and sagging concrete and walkways.

Repairs with polyurethane provide many benefits when compared to older, alternative methods: Fast & Convenient, Long Lasting, Minimal Disturbance, Quick Setting, Can Often Eliminate the Need for Excavation

Sidewalk Lifting

This office complex had several trip hazards along the sidewalks that lead into the main door. In just a few hours we were able to lift them back to their original elevation all while keeping foot traffic moving. Once we were completed the sidewalks were able to immediately be put back to use.

This infiltrating storm structure caused a large void underneath the sidewalk. The solution was to first internally inject the structure with polyurethane grout which seals the structure as well as fills the underground void. Once the void was filled we then used a different material to lift the sidewalk back up to its original elevation alleviating the trip hazard.

This Neighborhood had several sinkholes along a storm drain pipe. We installed a CIPP liner to repair the issues within the pipe. Then we made several deep injections to permanently fill the voids caused by the failed storm drain pipe.

This “Before and After” image shows how fast-expanding geotechnical polyurethane foam designed for lifting and leveling was used to raise a sagging local retail area walkway and reduce tripping hazards for shoppers. The polyjacking method is the most convenient and practical method of concrete lifting and stabilizing. The size of the hole needed to make a polyurethane repair is around the size of a thumb and barely noticeable. A polyurethane repair can be driven or walked on within minutes.

Manhole Restoration

Manhole rehabilitation with polyurethane injection repairs and restores the manholes back to working capacity by compacting and cementing soils, filling voids, and sealing joints against inflow and infiltration. In addition to stabilizing the manhole, the soil stabilization benefits adjacent structures such as roadways, buildings, and walkways. The injection process is highly adaptable and can be installed from within the manhole, from above the structure, and in remote locations. No excavation is required and minimal downtime is expected.

Culvert Void Filling

Here we used a geotechnical void filling polyurethane resin to repair a failing concrete drainage swale. Water was infiltrating through the swale, undermining and creating a large void below. To avoid a total removal and replacement, we injected this area with polyurethane foam to stabilize the area for years to come.

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